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BBCA is Expanding

Phase 1 is now underway!

Let the building begin! Phase 1 of Statesboro Bible Baptist Church and Bible Baptist Christian Academy's expansion is launching in June 2019!

Bible Baptist Christian Academy is an enriching environment with a thriving Christian mindset. The academy is fully accredited through the GACS and holds licensure from Bright From the Start for its preschool and nursery programs. Now we have our eyes on providing an even more well-rounded education through additional sports teams, extra-curriculuar activities, and an expanded STEM lab. To accomodate this growth, Bible Baptist Church and Academy has several building phases planned. Look for construction for phase 1 to begin soon with the completion date set for the fall. The first phase will house additional classrooms as well as a teen worship/activity center. We can't wait to see our youth using this great space for learning!

Update 10/2019: All necessary approvals are obtained.  Groundbreaking takes place and construction begins immediately,  

               11/2019: Foundation is poured and cured.

               12/2019: Steel beams go in, walls go up, and the roof is on.  The structure is built. Next up, the building's interior.


Phase I Construction
  • June 2019

    New Building

    Plans for new building that will include classrorooms and labs are finalized.  Local approval obtained.  
    Plans submitted for state approval.

  • June 2019

    Preparing for the new building

    The old pecan tree is removed and ground leveled.

  • October 2019


    State approval is received.  Construction begins immediately.

  • November 2019

    Foundation Poured

    The foundation for the new building is poured.

  • December 2019

    Structure Built

    Construction of the building took place throughout the month. The structure of the building is completed.

To Be Continued...