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Graduation Requirements

  • Students must earn a minimum of 24 credits in the following subjects:

  • .5 Credit in:

    -Physical Education

  • 1 Credit in:

    Computer Science (includes Keyboarding)

  • 1.5 Credits in:


  • 2 Credits in: 

    Foreign Language

  • 4 Credits in: 

    -Social Studies 

  • Additional Requirements

    Take the SAT or ACT before graduation.
    Complete 20 hours of Community Service per school year.

Diploma Tracks

BBCA has two diploma tracks.  The college prep track is designed for entrance into a baccalaureate college degree program.  The general track leads toward an associate college degree program or to occupations that do not require college preparation.  

A student may be recommended for the general diploma track by an academic advisor.  This is based on the student's academic record and standardized test scores, teacher evaluations, and parents requests.  Enrollment in the general diploma track must be approved by the academic office.